Sleek Co Lace Unit

$ 275.00
Choose your length

These units are as natural as you're going to find.

Our lacefront units are 150% Density, 100% Virgin Hair and offer very minimum effort to install. These units can be glued or glue-less and are ideal for clients who are looking to protect their natural hair for a while or who, like me, have just 'Big Chopped' and need some diversity added to their life whether it be a new style, longer length or simply a new color of hair!

100% Virgin hair means that these units come in their natural color 1b, no chemicals added, but they take color extremely well and will achieve any desired color over time. They are made to mimic your real hair and will act as such, so take care of it as if you would your real hair. Moisturize when needed, oil if frizz, trim ends when need be. 


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